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At Be Be Jan Pakistan Limited, we make sure that only superior quality and sustainable raw materials and fabrics are used to manufacture the best possible products for our customers, making the future of the planet our top priority.


We have collaborated with The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), the largest cotton sustainability program in the world. By limiting chemical and water use in cotton production, we intend to take a responsible approach to energy conservation. The health and wellbeing of our cotton farmers are our foremost concern, while simultaneously ensuring that natural habitats are not destroyed by their farming techniques.


Our organic cotton is cultivated without fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals. By using organic cotton, we produce products that are more environmentally friendly, meet higher safety standards, and are allergy‐free. Be Be Jan Pakistan Limited is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), an internationally recognized organic textile standard that encourages environmentally and socially responsible textile manufacturing. We are also certified by Organic Content Standard.


Recycled polyester, often known as rPet, is created from plastic bottles that have been recycled. It’s a fantastic method to keep plastic out of landfills. Recycled polyester takes significantly fewer resources and produces significantly fewer CO2 emissions than fresh polyester fibers. At Be Be Jan Pakistan, recycled polyester is unquestionably a more environmentally friendly alternative for our wardrobe.